STIM Canada specializes in manufacturing PCBAs using fully automated state -of-the-art surface-mount technology (SMT) and pin through-hole (PTH) equipment. Our technologically advanced facilities offer high-speed surface-mount capabilities providing performance and reliability at placement rates of up to 120,000 CPH. We can populate both single and double-sided SMT, PTH, and high-mix designs with speed and accuracy. We utilize a wide range of component packages and pitches, including fine pitch parts down to 0.013”(0.35mm), BGAs, uBGAs, PoP, CSP, PiP, FC and CGA devices, as well as 01005 chip devices.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Build-to-Order/Configure-to-Order (BTO/CTO)
  • Box/Module Build, System Integration
  • Advanced SMT Assembly
  • Automated Glue dispensing
  • Automated Insertion of PTH (Sequencing, Axial, Radial and DIP machines)
  • High-Mix, low to medium volume production runs
  • High Complexity and High Density Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Wide Body PCBA Capabilities
  • Segregated RoHS and Leaded wave soldering and hand soldering machinery and processes
  • Clean/No-Clean Processes
  • Fully Automated pin-to-pin soldering Robots
  • Fully Automated de-panelization (for V-grooved and Mouse-bite panels)
  • Press Fit Connector/ Compliant PIN Assembly
  • Automated Optical Inspection and X-Ray
  • Encapsulate dispensing & curing process
  • Conformal Coating (Automated and Manual)
  • Cable and Harness Assembly


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 (Medical)
  • IPC-A 610 and ANSI-J
  • IPC 7711/21
  • UL, CSA, FM
  • CGR and ITAR

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