At STIM Canada, we aim to deliver the highest quality Contract Electronic Manufacturing services to our customers. We inspect 100% of products and complement our test strategy with inline Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-Ray inspection systems. AOI and X-Ray inspections are reliable quality gates early in the manufacturing process and they minimize the opportunities of defect in the final build. We deploy AOI systems to ensure that we have full monitoring, control and feedback on the manufacturing processes.
By combining both AOI and X-Ray inspection strategies, STIM Canada ensures your products are manufactured with best-in-class quality.

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Manual Inspection

PCBAs and harness/mechanical assemblies that cannot be inspected using our AOI systems are examined by our professionally IPC trained team ...
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X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray is the proven industry standard process for identifying any structural defects in solder joints. We utilize our X-Ray system ...
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Automated Optical Inspection

An Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system delivers reliable and repeatable results ensuring that our manufactured products proceed to the next ...
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