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Procurement, material sourcing and inventory management is crucial to meet customer required delivery date mandates. Our Supply Chain and material group will develop a strategy that will best meet all aspects of your business needs; from supplier selection to supply chain and inventory management. We leverage our expertise and purchasing power to develop unique supply chain solutions that deliver optimum value to your business. We utilize both offshore and on-shore sourcing strategies to complement our local procurement. This flexible strategy allows our customers to have a blended procurement solution and experience the best of both worlds.


At STIM Canada we strive to produce short lead times and respond to fluctuations in customers’ demands and market forces. We achieve this goal by reducing materials cost while maintaining parts availability. Our inventory management program optimizes stock holding levels to minimize the liability of excess inventory. Additionally, we utilize our material suppliers and logistics providers’ capabilities and provide the most flexible solutions to ourselves and our customers.

We work with our customers and supply chain partners at the design stage and throughout the lifecycle of a product to suggest, investigate and help implement cost reduction programs as well as protect against impending obsolescence or availability issues. Moreover, we will incorporate our customers’ existing supplier agreements into our supply chain solutions to provide our customers with the most flexible solution.

We work closely with our customers from initial design stages through to the end of life of the product. we will work closely with our partners, utilizing our expertise to ensure that we offer the most effective solution every time.

Our collaborative supply network provides customized, flexible, and integrated supply chain solutions that is uniquely tailored to meet the demand of our customers. This unified supply chain solution is adaptive and responsive to continuous changes in the market and assists our customers to stay ahead of their competition in a dynamic market that is increasingly more competitive.

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